Not Fair!!!

Things that I find not fair…

 (In the Kraus House)

Stella (or another Kraus kid, but let’s face it, it’s usually Stella) wakes up in the middle of the night because she has a bad dream. She tries to sleep on the couch because I desperately do not want her in my bed, but she “can’t fall asleep”. So after the third time waking me up I let her into my bed where I am kicked the entire night. She ends up sleeping soundly (like I was) and I end up beaten to pulp with a banging headache.
I charge my tablet so I don’t have to be planted in front of the computer all day, but when I go to use it there is not more “juice” left on it because someone was playing some pet salon game or watching Peppa Pig in Espanol all morning.
We don’t have a dishwasher so we wash the dishes by hand. Whatever, it’s been like that for 11 years, we’ve gotten used to it. When Ted does the dishes he sends the kids on search and destroy missions and they return with every dirty dish in the house. It doesn’t work out that way when I do them. When I finish, I always find at least one fork or cup that didn’t get cleaned.
Ted decides he’s going to cut out his nightly bowl (vat) of cereal and within a week he’s down 5 pounds. While I eat healthy food in normal portions and by 8:35PM I’m ready to chew off my own foot, how much do I lose in a week? Point four pounds, that’s .4.
Ted decides he’s going to lift ONE weight while he’s watching TV at night. Within a week and a half his upper body looks like he “picks things up and puts them down” while I have done triceps dips for the equivalent of 48 hours and I could still knock myself out if I wave too fast.

4 thoughts on “Not Fair!!!

  1. omg i can't stop laughing. this is SOOOO true. especially the man / weight loss part. My husband is down like 15 lbs in the same time that I'm down all of 2. eating the same things. GRRRR.

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