The Animals are Falling!!!

 When I’m really tired and should be getting ready for bed, I start reading stories on the “interwebs”. There was one that really caught my attention last night. It was about animal tornadoes.
Having recently watched (and enjoyed) the cinematic Syfy Channel gem Sharknado, this article caught my fancy. I know it could happen, a twister could pick up a cow and “drop it off” somewhere else. But is that cow going to start chew off a farmer’s arm? I don’t think so.
The articleseems to mention that these “animal tornadoes” occur with a water spout. Living in the Ocean State could this be a possibility? Who knows?
There was mention of a Frognado (happened in Serbia), all I have to say about that is EEEWWW!! I must say, when I lived out in the woods and it rained there were frogs jumping all over the street. If it was fall, half the time you didn’t know if you were driving over a leaf or a frog and the street lights were few and far between. My husband and I used to call it the Amphibious Assault. If they fell from the sky, I may need therapy.
Apparently alligators have also fallen from the sky (I think it happened in 1887). That has a Sharknado feel to it (they may have even made a movie already). That would be another couple of thousand in therapy.
But around here I think if something like that were to happen it would probably be fish (and once again the article said it has happened in Australia). I’m not sure how I would feel about fish, but I don’t think they would be swimming to the house on top of the hill in order to attack just that one house. I don’t think they would attack anyone, I think it would be the other way around. Imagine people just walking out to their front porch to go fishing.
Besides, fish don’t last all that long out of water and they don’t have legs. I think we could handle that.
This is what I think, I’m no meteorologist, and I forget my umbrella half the time.

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