Teddy’s Thursday

Teddy had to go to get his yearly physical this morning. Ted took him because he has been very curious about his size. (Last week he grew over half an inch within a few days) The doctor said he was an exceptionally healthy specimen (I laugh because it’s like he’s almost non-human). He measured out at 52 ¾ inches (just about 4’ 5”) and 77 pounds, he’s not even six yet. They don’t anticipate him slowing down much in the growth department, which means I will have to feed this beast (quite a lot) for quite a long time.
The doctor asked my husband if he knew who Gronk was. That’s like asking the Easter Bunny if he knows what jelly beans are. She said he will probably be about the size of him. Let’s just hope Teddy doesn’t Tweet his questionable conquests.
Teddy had to bring an apple to school today because there was a Johnny Appleseed project. While I was at the grocery store the other day I contemplated the idea of buying the apples, but know that if I did, there would be none left for today (my kids are healthy food junkies). This morning I heard him say, “Oh man I hope we have an apple.” I told him Daddy was going to bring him to get him one after his appointment.
He’s got his shiny green apple and he’s off to school.
On the way home from school I asked why he needed the apple and he told me for
math. (I taught 1st grade for a very long time, I have a good idea what the apples were for) I asked if he counted them and he said no, I asked if he graphed them and he said no, then I asked “Well did you take them outside and throw them at cars that drove by?” He looked at me and said, “No, that would be rude.”
Upon further investigation, he did do some counting and graphing and he had to write g-r-e-e-n on his paper (but if you ask him he wrote verde…don’t ask). Then he told me the apple was for science, I thought it was for math. (The only one who can give a straight answer is Stella) I asked if he was going to eat the apple and he said that he needed it for tomorrow too. (Still didn’t answer the question) We shall see tomorrow if he gets to eat his verde apple.

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