Screaming and Crying Will Get You No Where (With Me Anyway)

Last night was a rough one at the Kraus House. Every night someone comes downstairs after bedtime. Teddy usually makes it a whole four minutes before he feels the need to come downstairs with, “I need to ask you a question.” (Then takes two minutes to come up with some ridiculous question) You couldn’t ask that question while I was upstairs, four minutes ago? Teddy also has this thing where as soon as his eyes open (doesn’t matter what time it is) he NEEDS to get out of bed. This goes on just about every night.
Stella will just continue to come down and tell me, “I just can’t sleep” which translates into “I can’t sleep and I’m going to keep coming down to bother you, so you might as well just move over and let me sit with you.”  (I noticed this happens a lot when Project Runway is on) I only let her stay when the other two are asleep. If not we just repeat the vicious cycle and I end up pissed off and she cries and the other two wake up and all Hell breaks loose.
Maizie rarely comes down stairs and when she does it almost always ends with her sleeping in our bed. Last night she came down, had a warm glass of milk and watched some TV. When it was time to go to bed she asked if she could sleep with me. I didn’t say yes immediately, instead I asked her a question. (I honestly don’t even remember what I asked) She didn’t take that well, at all!
She had the nerve to yell at me and use a “nasty” word. Well you can absolutely forget about sleeping in my bed now little lady. Ted heard the commotion, came out then brought her to bed. In her fury, she woke up Teddy and Stella. Really, all I want to do is go to bed! I told her if she woke up in the middle of the night she could come in my bed (I’m in no condition to argue then).
At 4:30AM, Teddy came in and woke me up (big shock, he does this all the time). I asked him what the problem was and he said that Maizie woke him up because she was crying. She has done this before when she’s been sick, so I asked what was wrong with her. He said she was crying because she wanted to sleep in my bed. You’re going to start a crying campaign in the middle of the night? Are you out of your mind? That’s it! You poked the bear, at 4:30 no less, now I’m beyond pissed off.
I drag myself out of bed and go in their room and kneel by her bed. I gave her one good choice and one very undesirable choice and I went back to bed. She chose poorly. Next thing I know Stella is in my room, GAME ON, little screamer! She thinks that if she keeps them up I’ll give in, not tonight. I sent Teddy and Stella downstairs to sleep on the couch. This really put a damper on her master plan.
She had the nerve to think that screaming and causing a scene in the middle of the night was going to get her what she wanted. I am a master scene maker; she has no idea who she’s dealing with. To top it off, she knew that the other two got to watch TV while they were on the couch.
Mommy 1  Maizie 0

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