Stella’s Phone App

Ted got a new phone so I got his old one. I was trying to figure out how to use it and Stella came over and asked why I had Daddy’s phone. I told her that he got a new one and this one is mine now (he’s only had this one for a few months). She didn’t ask about his new phone or even about playing Angry Birds; she immediately asked, “What are you going to do with the old case? Can I have it?” It is pink and it has silver stars on it, what four year old wouldn’t want it? I took it off my old Blackberry and gave it to her.
Within a few minutes she returned and asked me if I could close the case for her. As I took it I noticed she took a pillow from a doll bed and put it inside the case (it fits quite nicely). “Now I have a pillow phone,” she informed me. Well shouldn’t everyone have a pillow phone? I wish I had one now; maybe it would be more comfortable and there would be less ear sweat.

At bedtime she was playing with the “app she downloaded”. I asked her what it was and she told me it was the Katy Perry app. (Stella has got to be Katy’s number 1 fan) She told me that you can dress her up in all different costumes, sent her to concerts, sing with her and at the end (the best part according to Stella) you get to have a tea party with Katy Perry. (She might have seen Ellen, I’m not but she may want to join Sofia Grace and Rosie on their next “tour”)
As she was telling me about this fabulous app, she could hardly contain herself. She was lying on her bed, swiping her finger across the little screen then turning the phone so I could see. She was in heaven. I on the other hand was having a hard time controlling myself and I was of course egging her on. Stella is an incredibly smart and technically savvy kid because she was able to spell out Katy’s name to find it in the “App World” and to download it onto a pillow phone. That girl has talent.

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