7 Reasons Why I Want My Own Bathroom

1.Teddy He pees everywhere. He has yet to master the art of aiming. Every time he goes to the bathroom there’s an 85% chance he’s going to miss. We keep telling him is he stops trying to read magazines, hold the toilet seat up or chat with people outside the bathroom his aim would improve.
2. I want my stuff I go to dry my hair and NO brush. Off I go to hunt down a brush and what do I find, two combs (that should have been in the bathroom drawer). I want to be able to go into the bathroom and use my stuff and know where it is.
3. Shampoo (or any bath product) sliding  This may sound like fun, but when you go to get into the shower and your foot slides all the way to the other end of the tub and you’re trying not to rip down the shower curtain or severely damage an important part of your body, you don’t find it enjoyable. Do I really want to cause such a racket that someone needs to come in and see that scene; I’d never live it down.
4. Towel destroying  Every time I go into the bathroom, my towel is on the floor. Not only is it on the floor, it’s next to the toilet. I don’t even want to take a chance with it, especially if Teddy was in there before I found the towel. (See reason #1)
5. Dental floss  I want to be able to buy and maintain a roll of dental floss without it becoming some sort of “playground equipment” for Barbie Dolls and Spiderman. Who knows, those dolls may be doing something they read in 50 Shades, I don’t care I just want the popcorn kernel out of my teeth.
6. Nook I can’t begin to count the number of times I have gone to read my Nook and it’s been on a completely different book or WAY off of the last page I read.
7. Peace I would really like a place I could go for 3 minutes without being interrupted. I could just say, “Get away from my door, use your own bathroom!”
Until I am able to fulfill this dream I am forced to share a bathroom with a 5 year old with terrible aim, a 6 year old that likes to use all the shower products and a 4 year old that constantly needs to brush her hair.

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