The Chronicles of Stella-Blue

Since Maizie and Teddy both go to school people have been wondering, “How’s Stella doing being home alone?” It’s not like they moved out or that she’s left home all by herself all day, I’m with her. From the way she’s been acting, the little diva is doing just fine.
She doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of depression or loneliness. She gets up in the morning at puts her make up on, although sometimes she does look like she fell off the wagon.
I do try to keep her activity agenda full. There are days when she builds skyscrapers when she’s tired from building he makes a “pillow chair” to watch her stories.

When she is not creating buildings, she’s creating forts for her, her pets and me.

There is also shopping to do because it’s not going to do itself.
Last but not least, there is always time for a game of Candyland and she promised not to throw the cards at me when I won…isn’t she sweet.

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