Stella’s First Day as an “Only” Child

For half the day, I only have one kid with me and man is it easy. Stella’s patsy training has begun, looks like I have my work cut out for me. We dropped Teddy off at school and got back in the car. She immediately asked, “So what errands are we going to do?” I made the mistake of telling her we would be doing “stuff” while the kids were in school, she thinks I meant every day.
Luckily I did have two stops to make, the “Pill Store” (Rite Aid) and “Geeze Louise” (Aldi). People think she is the cutest thing (she plays it up too) so she gets a lot of attention. I think that may be one of the reasons she wants to go out every day. I tried leaving her in Rite Aid, but she followed me out (just kidding, I did ask her who she was and why she was following me). Then in Aldi I had to push the cart and let it go making her laugh hysterically. We ran our errands and started for home.
Stella and I don’t always have the same taste in music. Mountain Song by Jane’s Addiction came on the radio so I turned it up; you know what the dirty punk did? From her car seat, she started yelling, “BOO!!!” over the song. Really and Baby Beluga is musical genius?
Once home we find Ted drilling holes in the floor in order to move the TV, which means I’m going to be forced to clean (I HATE to clean). I did the next best thing, I had Stella clean for me, she IS in training. I gave her the required supplies, told her what needed to be done and let her have at it. Less I have to do the better.

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