Halloween Means Costume Drama

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It’s October and that means it’s time to pick Halloween costumes. This is something that comes easy to some kids, not the Kraus Kids.

I have made some pretty snazzy costumes in the past. I mean they have even made the local paper because my kids looked so fabulous.

I have made Grapes

Kraus House Mom




Candy Corn

Kraus House Mom

Holly Golightly

Kraus House Mom

A Peacock

Kraus House Mom


A Mermaid

Kraus House Mom


When they were little I would get them the cute stuffed animal looking costumes and call it a day. Then they started with opinions. Teddy was easy when he wanted to be superheroes, I could buy those.

Then he wanted homemade costumes like his sisters. The problem is he wanted elaborate video game characters that would take seasoned Cosplayers months to make. So I would have to talk him down.

The past few years he’s been on a Star Wars kick, that’s fine. Those costumes are easy to fine, too bad his cost double because I have to buy him adult sizes, but it is what it is (the kid is a giant).

Now we get to this year…what are we going to be?

Stella has chosen a simple, yet very clever costume. It’s easy to complete.

Maizie is a bit trickier. She is eleven, but she wears adult sizes. Do you know how hard it is to find an adult Halloween costume that doesn’t make you look like a hooker?

She wants to be a skeleton and she found a costume she likes. I don’t think she is going to fit into the child size even if I get the biggest size they have. If I get the XL it is going to be way to big because she is so thin. If I get her the adult size, she’ll look like a floozy.  It looks like I’m going to have to modify one of them.

Teddy has yet to decide. He wants to be some video game character, but I would need at least three months and more patience than I have to make it. Then he said he wanted to be the companion to Stella’s costume because he saw the mask. There wasn’t the rest of it to be found (just the mask), so that’s out of the question.

His dad and I made another video game character suggestion and we saw the costume. Does he want that? No, of course not. So as of now, Teddy is going as a fifth grader.

I’m hoping he makes a decision soon and not wait until last minute.

I keep telling him he should go in Charlie Brown’s Halloween costume, but he won’t have it (I suggest it every year).

Are Halloween costumes this difficult in your house?

49 thoughts on “Halloween Means Costume Drama

  1. The grapes costume is AWESOME. Wow. My oldest is 13 this year and is refusing to go out trick or treating, which makes me a little sad. My younger one wants to be a ninja. Again.

  2. You have certainly created some fab costumes! I hear you on the adult costumes! Why do they all have to look so over-the-top sexy? Not every adult wants the hooker version.

  3. I always try to come up with ideas on handmade costumes and I seem to fail too often with it ha! I have had a few great ones and others that wound up in the trash. To Walmart we would go!

  4. There’s always a lot of talk about costumes in our house too … it’s harder as the kids get older and have way more opinions. I LOVE your grape costume!

  5. We always do a themed costume every year. We have done Star Wars the last couple years. This year is Nightmare Before Christmas!

  6. You have a great knack for making a great looking and fun costume for your kids. My son is 12 and nearing his last few big trick or treating Halloweens so costumes are still very important for him.

  7. My daughter always wanted to be something different. She was an elephant one year, and then there was the year she wanted to be a lamp…go figure. We loved coming up with creative costumes.

  8. It seems that the kids always change their minds all the way up until the night. I swear when I feel like we have an answer it changes. These costumes are so cute!

  9. I really like the grapes costume. Part of the fun is making your costume every year. I am still trying to decide on what my costume is going to be for this year.

  10. Your costumes are so creative! The grapes are just adorable. We have no drama now since our son is older but when he was little we did. I know my niece and nephew just exchanged their costumes for different ones already this year!

  11. Oh the costume drama. I don’t have kids but I have lots of nieces and nephews and have seen the drama close up. I think my favorite was one year one of my nieces wanted a scary face with makeup to go with her witch costume and when she saw herself she cried it all off. Poor thing!!

  12. Last year my daughter dressed up as a witch, a year before that she was a ballerina, and before that Peppa Pig. This year she wants a unicorn costume. Let’s see how that comes out. The grapes costume is super cute!

  13. Definitely drama, lol! Some years I’m up for handmade costumes, others I stick with the store bought. Yours are all so cute.

  14. Costumes have been pretty easy for us thus far, but then my kids are only 2 and 4. My 4 year old this year has more opinions than in previous years, but he’s been pretty go-with-the-flow so far with my sketches of what I can create with the ideas he has.

    As for the skeleton costume, would Maizie be ok with slim fitting black clothes that fit her (like leggings and a T shirt) and you could adhere the bones cut from felt or something?

  15. Well m daughter is 15 months old so I will dress her with what I like and she will be ok with it. My husband on the other hand is much more difficult to handle! I make his costumes most of time!

  16. This year my daughter is a unicorn (fashioned by myself) and last she was captain America. She is the easy kid. My son, however, is horrible when it comes to picking out his costume. He has changed his mind more times this year than I can count. But I think I have finally convinced him to be a mad scientist.

  17. How fun are these Halloween costumes. My friend is dressing her daughter up like peanut butter and jelly. I am dressing my cat like sushi! LOL.

  18. Those were very cute. But what caught my attention the most is the candy corn dress. It’s so simple yet a clever idea.

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