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I can’t believe my oldest is heading off to middle school next year.

At the beginning of the school year, this made me very nervous, to the point I would get headaches and heart palpitations thinking about it.

Kraus House Mom


Once we went to the parent orientation, we were so relieved with everything.

Both of the administrators have backgrounds in special education, that never happens!

Maizie has some special needs and  is in what they call a “substantially separate classroom” or what I call, self-contained.  Her experience will be a bit different than other kids.

She will have her academics with the same teacher. She will be mainstreamed for homeroom or music (whichever she chooses) and itinerants.

The best thing we realized is that the school asks the parents for some input on who to keep the kids with and who to keep separated.

When we met the principal, we found out that he already knows who Maizie is and he said she looks just like me. Knowing he has taken the time to get to know the students entering into the middle school really puts us at ease.

Kraus House Mom

The best part is that her elementary school is attached to the middle school. As far as she’s concerned, she not going to middle school, she’s going to the other wing. They share some of the same facilities (cafeteria, library) which makes the transition and anxiety much easier.

I hope next year goes as smoothly as this has.




35 thoughts on “Touring Middle School

  1. My daughter is headed to middle school soon… She is growing up so fast! I know having a elementary school attached to a middle school would be a big help.

  2. The transition to middle school and high school can be scary especially if you have a special needs child. My son is autistic and is transferring to high school next year. I know where you are coming from.

  3. Middle school seems like a scary transition, but honestly for most kids, it’s an easy transition compared with middle school to high school. It sounds like your daughter is on the road to success with a school that takes her needs into consideration, which is so important!

  4. Our elementary school is attached to the middle school as well. It made the transition so much easier for my Son. They sure grow up fast.

  5. I think it is great that the school is combined into one. That really does make the transition much easier if you ask me!

  6. My middle school was a completely different school. It was a big change for me going from elementary school to middle school, but I pulled it off. I am glad that she doesn’t have to leave the school she is already in at least.

  7. Such sweet times! I can hardly believe my oldest grandson is headed to middle school! It seems just yesterday I was getting my kids off to middle school. The years sure do fly by!

  8. I’m sure that your daughter will do great! My son is going into middle school and it’s a brand new school. I’m sure he will be nervous the first day, or week. Good luck to her.

  9. The school district where we live does what is called a “soft” opening for the first day of school. They have K-9 attend school the first day, so middle school-aged kids can get a grasp of the school layout, as 7-8th is in the high school. The next day is a full day opening.

  10. Transitioning to middle school can be so hard. It sounds like the school has a great plan in place to make it as easy as possible for Maizie.

  11. Good luck to you all. The transition does sound scary, but it sounds like she is going in with a fantastic plan.

  12. I remember going to middle school… I was so nervous but it really wasn’t as bad as going to high school. Our kids grow up too fast… i cry every time I think about my little baby going to school!

  13. Eeeeeekkkk so exciting that she is transitioning into Middle School easily. I remember going to middle school and was so terrified and weird because of multiple teachers. This totally will put your mind at ease knowing she is transitioning perfectly.

  14. Wow, I know my kids will be going through this soon. That is great that they prioritize the transition so nicely. It can be such a scary time.

  15. I hope she has great experiences in her new / (old) middle school as well. I love to hear when school district are providing for all students.

  16. What a fun post! Yours is starting middle school and mine is leaving. Good luck to your daughter and it seems like it will be a smooth transition since the schools are connected. Have a fun summer.

  17. Congrats to her for graduating to middle school. It is awesome that the schools are in the same building so it may be an easier transition for all the kids. Our kids grow up so fast and it is sometimes harder on us than them.

  18. Well, I am a 20 year and had gone to middle school with the same level of anxiety as you do for your daughter, but this really turned out to be the best years of my life. I cherish all the memories from skipping the day school to winning the inter schools. So, I wish all the best for your daughter, she will come out with flying colors.

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