Be The Cool Mom With Whiffer Sniffers

Kraus House Mom

Do you want to be the coolest mom ever?

I can tell you how.

Whiffer Sniffers!

I was sent some Whiffer Sniffers to review, and now my kids think I am the greatest. They can’t wait to show them off when school starts.

What are Whiffer Sniffers?

Just the cutest, best smelling backpack clips I have ever seen.

The Original Whiffer Sniffers are high-quality scented plush characters with quirky personalities to match their scents.

When the box arrived and I told my kids that Whiffer Sniffers were inside, the first thing Stella said was that she hoped there was popcorn backpack clip in there. There was, and it smells great.

Kraus House Mom

Not only are there Backpack Clips (the ultimate school yard collectible), there are also Super Sniffers; which are 12 inch huggable plush pals that also smell spectacular. (Maizie jumped right on that one and hasn’t given it up yet.)

Kraus House Mom

I thought that only my girls would want them, nope. Teddy couldn’t wait to give them a sniff and he wants to put some on his backpack as well. Although I do think it may be a ploy get his lady friends interested.

To add to the excitement, there are also Mystery Packs…what kids doesn’t love a mystery pack? Here is where the rare characters are hiding. You may even score a super rare gold bag, a mix of two existing characters.

The Backpack Clips we received were popcorn, doughnut, and strawberry. Our Mystery Packs were apple and chocolate chip and our Super Sniffer was strawberry cupcake.

Kraus House Mom

Once you, as a parent sniff these, you will be thrown back to your childhood. Whiffer Sniffers will take you back to all your scented toys and accessories (especially if you grew up in the 80s). Not to mention that there are also Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Stickers!

You can find them here…

The Original Whiffer Sniffers Everything Else Just Stinks

You can watch the Kraus Kids as they first check out Whiffer Sniffers here

Disclosure: I was given Whiffer Sniffers to review, but all opinions are strictly my own.

36 thoughts on “Be The Cool Mom With Whiffer Sniffers

  1. Those are so neat! My daughters would love these. I love that popcorn one the most! I like how they smell too. That’s great.

  2. These really are cute and are exactly what my kids would love! They are so into little characters like these.

  3. Those are super cute! My girls would love them. And if they happened to take them off and leave them in the car or in their rooms, the fact that those places would smell good is a bonus!

  4. These take me way back to the first time I smelled a scented marker in grade school. I’ll have to check these out for my son’s backpack this year!

  5. I love these for a stocking stuffer this Christmas. I will have to get a few. I have already started my holiday shopping.

  6. This are the cutest little things! I loved decorating my backpack with fun things like this when I was a kid.

  7. These are the cutest little things! I loved decorating my backpack with fun things like this when I was a kid.

  8. Super cute! I bet if my girls knew anything about these they’d be all over them! They are really adorable, I will have to tell them about them!

  9. What a fun idea! We had similar things when I was a kid, and they’re so fun! I love that kids still love to collect these and similar toys : )

  10. How cute are these! I need to get a collection and add them to my daughter’s school bag throughout the year … on the inside! I don’t know what it is but it seems like her bag picks up this funky smell as the season goes on. CUTE! WANT! NEED!

  11. my 6 year old is nearing the end of blankie time but his comfort is sniffing blankie. I bet this would be a better substitute.

  12. Oh my gosh! Those are wicked cute! My youngest would love these. I am going to have to get some of these.

  13. Are these just because they’re cute? Or are they supposed to like keep kids’ backup smelling great? I don’t understand it!

    But, I feel like I need to get some for my goddkids for back to school.

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