7 Reasons Teddy is Awesome

Today is Teddy’s birthday, so in honor of his seventh year; I’m writing 7 reasons why he is so awesome.
His Size– Let’s face it, the kid is a beast. He’s far from an averaged sized seven year old. As of right now he weighs 99 pounds and is four foot 9 inches tall. He may run like a Great Dane puppy, but he skates pretty well. If you need someone to cuddle with, Teddy’s your guy.

The giant Teddy leaving the NICU.
His Willingness to Cuddle-He may be turning seven, but as soon as he gets up in the morning, he comes and sits next to me (as close as he possible can). We sit and share a blanket and he will even still sit on my lap (for as long as my legs can take it).

First haircut

His Love of the Ladies-He is a ladies’ man. Rumor has it, he was given an ultimatum; he needs to choose a girlfriend by second grade. From my last count there were five ladies in the running.

Squeezable cheeks

He Wants to Be Healthy– He is very into exercising and eating healthy. The only vegetable he doesn’t like is artichokes (he HATES them, so much you can’t even say the word). Teddy has me tape shows on TV and he will do exercise routines right in the living room, until he works up a sweat.
Everyone poses on ladders
He Stands up for Others– He WILL NOT let anyone be mean to any of his friends. One time a third grader knocked down one of his friends and he demanded the kid apologize. His rule, don’t pick on someone smaller than you, come pick on me.

Undoing some buttons for the playground

Determination/Competitive Edge– Teddy wants to win and he will not quit until he is good enough to do it. When he started hockey last year, he was determined to be as good as the kids in the black shirts; this year he’s one of them. Kraus’ don’t quit!

Fashion flair

His Heart– Along with his huge body, Teddy has the biggest heart. He is always concerned with everyone’s feelings. If someone falls, he’s the first one there to see if they’re OK and to help them up. He is truly friends with everyone.

Teddy’s cake breakfast

Happy Birthday Teddy Bear!!!

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