What Happened to My Kids?

Over vacation something happened to my kids. Of course they made huge messes, didn’t listen, came into the room to fart and leave (tiniest Kraus) but although they got on my nerves, it wasn’t as intense as it usually is. I didn’t offer them up on Craig’s list this week (just kidding, I’ve never done that…I’ve thought it).
My mantra last week was “Upstairs or downstairs”. They have their three bedrooms upstairs and they have the basement, there are plenty of places to play, right on my ass wasn’t an option last week. I did notice that as soon as I made my bed it became a trampoline. That gave them another room to play and watch TV. Each day I made it a little later and later, until I just had Stella make it. (She claims she can’t make her toddler bed, but managers to do a very good job making my king size bed.)
During the week they weren’t even hounding me for snacks; a couple of days that lead to hangry outbursts from Maizie. Since nobody was complaining they were hungry, I lost track of time and dinner was late quite a few times. One night she had a grand mal hangry tantrum and had to be put in isolation, at dinner she ate HALF of the casserole (6 helpings), this from a girl we have to convince to even try dinner. Then she was fine.
More proof of a body snatch, I gave the kids their laundry baskets and Stella (the fashionista) had two. She put her clothes away, without complaining; this has NEVER happened. Teddy also put his away without being asked a second, third or fourth time (more proof). Then they both carried their basket back to the basement instead of just tossing them down the stairs (Teddy’s guilty of that).
Yesterday Teddy woke me up at 3:30am crying because he was sad about going back to school, this from the kid I need to convince to take a sick day. Then there was evidence of normalcy when Maizie came in and asked if she had school tomorrow. When I told her yes, that just set off another tantrum with a blizzard of F-bombs, then things got strange again, she got over it. She got her clothes out for school and finished her homework without me telling her.
This morning started out with Maizie coming down stairs all dressed for school (in the outfit she picked last night) and she drank her instant breakfast without me rushing her along. Then it turned normal again; she could find her shoes, had to keep reminding her to brush her teeth and the car shut off because it was running too long.
There was a bit of the “usual” around here last week.
Are we back to “normal”? Time will tell.

12 thoughts on “What Happened to My Kids?

  1. I don't have school vacations yet– my oldest is in a private Pre-K, so she had school last week with her normal schedule. And, what you explained is pretty much my every day right now! LOL. i know someday when they're all in school full-time and school vacation weeks are upon us, I'll crave the normalcy of routine, too!!!

  2. Maybe you've got the beginnings of a "new normal!"
    While there are moments, I enjoy having the kids home. We had a fun, really relaxing week with no set schedule, some PJ days and some local activities – but it's also nice to get back to a routine today!

  3. We home school and didn't take a break last week but we were off schedule due to the holiday, our extra curricular activities, and a birthday. I was SOOOO glad to see today come so we could return to our regularly scheduled programing! I'm also looking forward to warmer, less muddy weather so I can turn everyone out into the backyard each day!!

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