For the New Year

First things first, these are not resolutions (no one keeps those). These are some things I would like to get accomplished sometime in the next year. That being said being the queen of procrastination I may just wait until November or December to do some of them (and that will be within the “guidelines”).
Try 3 new restaurants  We always seem to go to the same places over and over again, especially Red Robin (Teddy’s favorite). I’d like to branch out and try new places.
Cook 12 new recipes  I have so many recipes pinned and cut out of cooking magazines it’s ridiculous. I want to try at least one new recipe a month.
Get more fit  I know I say this all the time, but now I’m at the point where I just feel disgusting. I hate when people say I look fine. Well la dee da for you, it doesn’t matter what you think it matters how I feel and I feel nasty and it’s starting to get in the way of my health. I have heart disease and it’s not just a desire now, it’s beginning to be a necessity.
Rejoin Weight Watchers  I have tried over the past few years to lose weight on my own and until I rejoin I’m going to try to lose some of my extra poundage, but I just don’t feel accountable to myself. When I pay the money and get weighed in and that number is printed in the book and also in the computer, it’s real, I can’t deny it. I need the reality of it in order to do it.
Rejoin the gym  I actually like going to the gym. I think I may need to go back to Cardiac Rehab. My cardiologist suggested it in the fall, but there were all sorts of obstacles then. I believe those are gone now, so I’ll give it another whirl. Besides If I do need to go back to Cardiac Rehab I HAVE to go because they expect you there and if you don’t show up they call you and make sure you’re all right. They don’t take “I didn’t feel like it” as an excuse.
Clean out the clutter in the house  My house has so much of other people stuff in it, it’s ridiculous. It’s time to cleanse this space. I must say, Auntie Rey has gotten quite a lot done the past couple of months.
Get new furniture  The furniture in my bedroom is the same that I had when I lived at home with my mom. My dining room furniture came with the house and now that my kids are older, we’re hoping they can handle decent living room furniture.
Do more crafts  I used to do all sorts of crafty things, and then I had kids. In September I will have three kids in school and have time all to myself. Is it possible I can get some of my Pinterest crafts accomplished?
To sew more  I have a snazzy new sewing machine that I’ve only used for Halloween costumes. I need to get that sucker moving.
Teach Stella to read  She knows her letters and most of the letter sounds. She can write all the letters, so the next step is blending those letters together and reading. How am I going to accomplish this? I taught kids who couldn’t even speak English how to read; hopefully I can get the tiny fashionista to do it before kindergarten.
Play tennis again  Maizie played tennis and every time I brought her I realized how much I liked playing. At the end of her summer session I was going to sign myself up, but I was having an issue with my foot and a cardiac issue. Once those things are resolved I want to start again. You hear me Kaela?
Get this eczema/psoriasis cleared up  Whatever you do, do not look behind my right ear, unless you want to gross yourself out. I tried a new medicine which worked at first and then failed miserably. It could have been due to the horrible allergy season, but whatever it is, I want it resolved. NASTY!!
Remember to order and send out Christmas cards, on time  I completely forgot about Christmas cards this year. Next year I would like to have them ordered, addressed and sent out by December 10th. What do you think? Is it possible?
Start a book  I’ve wanted to write a book for a while now and since I will have free time this coming year, why not try to start it?
Get more organized  If I can get my house organized, maybe I won’t forget to do simple things (Christmas cards, buy milk, etc).
Have my nails put back on  Yes, I am one of those people who has fake nails and I love them. I had them for 12 years, took them off to try the shellac polish and you know what happens? It peels off my nails after a week, not just a chip; it peels off in one piece. To top it off, 3 months after taking off my nails I got an infection on my nail and my doctor tried to blame it on the fake nails. It turns out it was from doing dishes. The nails saved me from infections because I always wore gloves, once I didn’t have nails I didn’t always wear the gloves. Anyway I miss my Marie.
Buy new drinking vessels  (I would say glasses but people may think seeing glasses) During the holiday season we realized we no longer have any glasses. We only have mugs. Over the six years since we moved here they have all been destroyed (we may not have started with an entire set because I don’t remember if we bought new glasses when we moved in).
Buy new silverware  Our silverware has been disappearing. One of our children throws them away.
Get decent steak knives  Just like the glasses and silverware the steak knives have mysteriously gone to a better place.
Try at least 3 new forms of exercise  I few years ago I tried Pilates and loved it. This year I tried water aerobics and loved that (even though I may have been the youngest one in the class). I tried Zumba, which was not a complete fail but not exactly my finest hours. This year I’d like to try more. I’m not sure what yet, but rest assured I’ll keep you posted. (Maybe I’ll drag Mimi with me)

10 thoughts on “For the New Year

  1. i love your list – the try more restaurants… i am so the same way. we hit the same few with the kids and that is that. need to branch out. ooh and i am a fake nails girl too! no matter what they do not grow… they start to grow, then they all break. i just had mine put on again after thanksgiving. <3

  2. We always go to the same restaurants too! Now we are going to go through the gift cards & gift certificates we have to other places before we go to our old stand bys!! Good luck will your goals…not resolutions!! 😉

  3. I think we'll have to try some new restaurants, too. With and without the kids. I'm getting tired of the same old, same old. I have a new kitchen, so it is time to really plan and make new recipes. I love, love, love tennis. We used to play all the time. So much in common, you and I.
    Happy New Year!

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