One More Week

·        I’m hungry.
·        I’m bored.
·        He/She won’t let me play.
·        Can I have some cookies?
·        Can you make pancake muffins?
·        Can I have oatmeal?
·        Can I have fridge water?
·        Screams from the other room.
·        Tears from the other room.
·        Arguments
·        I don’t want to!
·        NO!!
·        I didn’t do it!
·        It’s not mine.
·        (Name) won’t leave me alone.
·        MOMMMYYYY!!!!!!
This is just some of what it sounds like in my house.
There’s one more week before school starts and I don’t know if I can make it that long. My kids are driving me absolutely bat shit crazy. They’re at the point where they don’t care what I ask them to do, they’re going to do what they want. Well I’m going to let them have this last week, because being a teacher I know their little lives are about to change drastically and I’ll give them this time to let loose.
The yelling to me from the other room, the fights during lunch and the general asshattery (Ted’s term) will be gone, for at least part of the day. It will only be me and Stella since she is refusing to go to preschool. I’ll have plenty of one on one time to bend her to my will, make her my patsy (okay she already is but more intense training can’t hurt).
Hopefully by the time they come home, they’ll be too tired to argue with me. I know, I know but one can always hope.

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