Kraus House Barbies

Maizie likes Barbie dolls. She plays with them, she dresses them and she sleeps with them. They go to “hot tub parties” in the play kitchen and they have horses to ride, but they always find themselves in precarious situations (and almost always naked). 
They are fortunate enough to have an abundance of clothes and shoes, too bad they sometimes lack the legs to put those shoes on.
The Barbies are lucky that they have a gym to work out in; they have to keep in shape. No one would want a Barbie with a thick middle and a saggy ass. Too bad for them that the gym they belong to has a strict dress code, no clothes allowed. Yup, Barbies work out at Naked Gym, (we’re thinking of putting together a business plan and going to the local bank to ask for a loan).
Stella even made a playground for them and a few of their closest friends, this playground was formal dress only.
But I’m sad to report that there must be a serial killer on the loose. I walked into the kitchen one day and found a naked Barbie at the bottom of the stairs (she may have been on her way to the gym) and it didn’t look like a “fall”.
Then in my bathroom I found another gruesome discovery, a bucket of dismembered dolls (maybe Courtney Love was here). 
Everyone was on edge for weeks after that. There have been some mysterious missing limbs lately, but it’s a completely different M.O. We’ll have to make sure we patrol the house more.

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